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EXCITING NEWS! Nanny Connections has a new name.

A letter from President and Founder, Tiffanie Kinder…

They say every journey begins with a single step! My first step was at age 19. Like many of my college friends, I became a nanny for a family with three young children in Madison, Wisconsin. Many parents at that time were desperately trying to hire nannies, but did not know where to find them. I don’t do anything “half-hearted.” I recognized there was a need and I was determined to find a solution. It was 1998 and Nanny Connections was born. In the beginning, I realized that if parents were going to trust me with their most prized possessions, their children and their home, I had to be the best. The best at engaging, understanding, and connecting them with the perfect match.
Now, almost 20 years later, life is still hectic if not more complicated for many. People are busier and desire more freedom from domestic responsibilities. They are seeking more quality time and home life with their family. Most people aren’t sure where to start looking for household staff that they can truly entrust into their lives. With years of expertise and a growing clientele, our dedicated team has searched throughout the United States to find the best nannies, personal assistants, household managers, chefs, butlers and housekeepers to meet the growing demand. 
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